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What kind of magnesium oxide is used in animal feed

2021-08-16 11:53:51

What kind of magnesium oxide is used in animal feed? Animal feed mainly uses 85% magnesia, 90% magnesia, 93% magnesia, the price of magnesia, which is considered an essential nutrient for all species. In humans, magnesium plays an extremely important role and has many health benefits. Electrical grade magnesium oxide powder price Today, various biochemical and functional problems in the human body, such as arrhythmia, high blood pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis, muscle cramps, etc., are attributed to magnesium deficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the human body with the necessary magnesium in daily nutrition.

High temperature powder DM-G2

This is an after-effect of magnesium deficiency in the feeding cycle, and magnesium depletion in soil and plants results in insufficient magnesium intake in animals, resulting in reduced intake in humans.

In addition, low magnesium intake in animals has the following basic implications:

price of magnesium oxide

Hypomagnesemia or grass tetanus.

Skeletal deformities and developmental delays.

Reduce milk production.

To address these issues and prevent magnesium deficiencies, especially in lactating and grazing cattle and sheep, some extra magnesium must be added to daily feeding. Animals can absorb magnesium in several ways:

Compound feed - premix (mixing magnesium with other minerals and trace elements)

Powdered MgO spreads in the field during grazing

Calcined at around 900 degrees, known as light-burned magnesia, is the main source of magnesium used in the feed industry, providing supplemental magnesium to ruminants mainly due to its bioavailability and Mg concentration.

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