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Application of magnesium oxide in building materials industry

2021-08-16 11:14:52

1: Fireproof board: requirements for magnesium oxide: white color, high activity (if the export board wants to achieve no halogen return, the activity of magnesium oxide must be guaranteed to be above 60%) electrical grade magnesium oxide powder is very fast for magnesium oxide heating The requirements are not very high, because the fireproof board is thin and the heat dissipation is relatively fast.

Electrical grade magnesium oxide powder price

2: Wallboard: The color requirement of magnesium oxide is not very high, but the content is required, because the finished product must be fully combined with magnesium chloride to increase the strength of the wallboard, and the grade is one grade lower than that required by the fireproof board.

3: Greenhouse support: Magnesium oxide is required to be relatively high, and electrical grade magnesium oxide powder must be flexible, strong, wind core, and must not return to brine (if the finished product is returned to brine, salt water drops) It will burn the seedlings in the farmland)

4: Composite air duct: The requirements are not too high, mainly the whiteness and strength of magnesium oxide. .

5: Magnesium manhole cover: Like the greenhouse support, because the volume is particularly large and thick, the magnesium oxide content must be uniform and the activity is better. The manhole cover made of products with low activity will definitely return to halogen, deform and burst. !

6: Activity room, magnesite tile: no color is required, the content is over 65, and the mesh number is about 120 mesh. Electrical grade magnesium oxide powder

7: Color tile: color is not required, but activity and content are required.

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