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What should be paid attention to when purchasing Liaoning cable-grade magnesium oxide powder?

2021-06-25 10:51:42

What should be paid attention to when purchasing cable grade magnesium oxide powder? The following editor will give you a detailed introduction. Partners who want to know the price of electrical grade magnesium oxide powder quickly follow the pace of the editor to learn more about it together.

First of all, the purchasing manager must have basic business professional knowledge, and have a general understanding of the basic product knowledge of magnesium oxide.

Secondly, manufacturers should choose manufacturers with complete qualifications, rich production experience, and good after-sales service, and resolutely avoid those three-no products, and some purchasing managers are greedy for cheap, and in the end, the gains outweigh the losses.

Again, shop around before purchasing, don't be afraid of trouble, compare more, and identify more!

Electrical grade magnesium oxide powder price

Magnesium oxide can be divided into active magnesium oxide and light magnesium oxide. Therefore, in our life, Liaoning cable-grade magnesium oxide powder has a very wide range of functions and can be used in all corners of life. Therefore, we are using magnesium oxide. Special attention is also needed when it comes to nature. Therefore, for some differences between the two, the magnesium oxide net for adhesives will give you some answers here, so that you can find some feelings in chemistry: functional inorganic materials developed by cable-grade magnesium oxide powder in recent years , according to its activity level, can have different uses.

Active magnesium oxide can be divided into high activity, active and low active magnesium oxide according to the iodine absorption value. High-activity magnesium oxide is mainly used for medical butyl rubber stoppers, medium-activity magnesium oxide is mostly used for neoprene, and low-activity magnesium oxide is mostly used for acid wastewater treatment, flue gas desulfurization, etc.

The flow rate of cable-grade magnesium oxide powder (refers to the time when 100 grams of electrical grade Mg0 is measured by using a 4# Ford cup, the unit is seconds. Different powder loaders have different requirements for the flow rate, especially some foreign powder loaders. , such as Kanthal, Aokelai, etc., have higher requirements on the flow rate; the powder filling machines produced by major domestic manufacturers have lower requirements on the flow rate, generally available between 38 and 42 seconds. The flow rate is too slow, and the electric heating tube is not full of powder. Guarantee the quality of the electric heating tube; affect the compaction density after the straight tube, and then affect the power and heat conduction. The flow rate is too fast, it is easy to leak out when the powder is loaded, and the magnesium powder is wasted. The price of electrical grade magnesium oxide powder

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