Dashiqiao Kairui Magnesium Products Co., Ltd copyright    support:Yingkou Zhongchuang Network Technology Co., Ltd. Record No:Liao ICP No. 2021006850-1
Electrical grade magnesia powder220000 tons

Annual production of high quality electrical
grade magnesia powder 20000 tons

The office address of Dashiqiao Kairui Magnesium Products Co., Ltd. is located in Yingkou, which is known as the "Capital of Magnesium", "City of Hot Springs", "City of Musical Instruments" and "Yingkou of Qindu". Material Industrial Park...

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Northeast old industrial base
Superposition zone of Liaoning and Shenyang

Dashiqiao, the magnesium capital of China, is an old industrial base in Northeast China
The overlapping zone and important supporting area of Liaoning
coastal economic zone and Shenyang Economic Zone

Tel: +86-138-2741-9489 Manager Wang

Company address: Dashiqiao City Basic Magnesium Material Industrial Park